The Humble beginnings of Tumbling Birds.

When out and about at shows I often get asked how I came about my designs and ideas for Tumbling Birds.

So here it goes…

Many moons ago (what feels like a life time ago) back in 2007 in my second year at Newcastle College, I was given a textile brief called Birds and Flowers. If you had known my work back then, this was my worst nightmare, textiles = mess! I preferred the clearer side of things like pattern cutting and garment construction.

As I had never really enjoyed a textiles project before, it had taken a wee while to get in to… but to my disbelief the ideas/designs slowly started to flow and I actually began to enjoy doing a textiles project, the mess and all!

I never thought any more of the project until a few years later. In my final year at Northumbria Univerisity in the mist of the madness of stitching and designing my final collection… a dear friend of mine had her first baby boy! I wanted to give her and her new baby something extra special and unique to them… I transferred some of my Tumbling Birds designs on to some very tiny white t-shirts.



Birds & Flowers3Birds & Flowers4One of Our First wee T-shirts

And so started the journey of Tumbling Birds.


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